January 1, 2022

Is it soup yet? When does words become writing? When it’s actually read?

Welcome to 
our first post of 2022.  

2021 was a bumper year and perhaps a personal record.  It was certainly a banner year for change.  For all of you following this at home, here is a quick recap of what might have missed in 2021. 

Craps  on a global stage
Fear of quicksand
The radical search for the gooey centre
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Now we return to our regularly scheduled program
Aging Out
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I love you I am no more - Late to the party
Nancy Smith
Rust Never Sleeps, and feels anxious all the time
It’s about time
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My heart is full of love- The Cardio Diaries
I wake up sneezing
The wink of a hummingbird 
In the beginning was desire
Building a new monster- by popular demand 
Does anybody really know what time it is?
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At the crumbling edge
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Pandoras Box Wine
I Began Walking at Six

28 posts. 
Views ranged from 7 to 411.  
There were 10 comments.  
When asked for comment on the sparse engagement, Dense Milt had no comment. 

However, my dog Maisy, intrepid Terrier did in fact have comments.  

In fact her piercing bark was incessant, only relieved  with the tossing of her favourite treat- Brussels sprouts. Hey if you can cake in the morning and call it a muffins, no judgement here that she likes a good round cruciferous vegetable. 
At this point, I yield the floor, which to be honest, she already owns. 

Maisy says charge your glasses. Because 2022 is not going to write itself.  

“I have noticed a few things this past year.  Squirrels are getting fatter.  So many Kleenex to chew upon. Even the crows are obese.  Still I am maintaining my girlish figure.  Not bad for a bitch over 14.  
They say 14 is the new 9.  They also promised me treats, which I do not recall getting. 
Lots of shows with horses this year, although I am only seeing about half of them, as the cataract in my right eye is a milky pearl.  
And how about those fat cats?  The 1%? I think not. The real numbers are a fraction of the reality.  
Also I learned a new trick- who says an old dog can’t go to college?  After a walk in the snow, I lie down, and they carry me home !!! 
This year, lots of snow.  Also lots of rain and a heat dome, which got name a night in an air conditioned hotel suite.  That was cool! “

As Maisy gets older and a little slower, the squirrels are getting even slower.  Apparently their diet is full of fatty foods ( nuts, acorns).  While squirrels are officially a varmint, the big news is variants. 
Everyone’s favourite virus keeps mutating and spreading, becoming more contagious, more virulent but having less impact.  Will 2022 be the year it finally burns itself out?  
Will it be the year that anti-vaxxers and boosted boomers meet in the middle, brought together by their mutual distrust of politicians disguised as public health officials and public health officials who have learned to speak like politicians?  

Does anybody even care anymore? 
 This virus has replaced Donald Trump as the reigning dinner conversation, is it even possible to talk about something different for even one evening?  
Like the weather.   
Lots of weather. 
We got rivers coming down from the sky. 
Atmospheric rivers, heat domes, tornados, even locusts. 
Remember singing in the rain? 
Nobody can even be bothered to sing. 
Everybody is talking, not rapping, but talking. 
Sleaford Mods, Billy Nomates, Audiotapes, Wet leg, Porridge Radio.  

Fat White Man in a Fat White Car 
by Billy Nomates:

Soft rage from old age
Full wallet thin hair mostly bald
Smokin his way outta town stoppin at the garage
Me Iʼm working the day shift
Where he bumps into Lisa
She was looking good in a tight black dress
Standing by the crisps and the sandwiches
He walks over he was looking fat mostly bald
Seriously, buy the most expensive car you want:
You're going bald

Gently Bentley, you're a heavy load
Gently Bentley
Fat white man on the road

[Verse 2]
Eyes on the prize he asks "where you headed to, a party?"
"I just put Diesel in my unleaded"
Oh no
That could really wreck your car
What are you gunna do?
She looked at him, he looked at her, I looked at you
"Well your a damsel in that dress Lisa and neither of us are getting any younger"
Iʼm an executive and your games hunger."

Gently Bentley, you're a heavy load
Gently Bentley
Fat white man on the road

[Verse 3]
The next week I was working the night shift
Fat white man in a fat white car with a fat white wallet
Red face thin hair, mostly bald
Slid through the automated doors and out from the fridge
Lisa appeared this time by the wines and beers
"Well fancy seeing you here my battery died yeh I thought it was best I come looking for some help inside"
He bought a toffee crisp and a bottle of sprite
"The passenger seatʼs yours"

Gently Bentley, you're a heavy load
Gently Bentley
Fat white man on the road

Oh yeah
There he goes, look at him go
Fat white man on the road
Honestly I can't (?)
Fat white man on the road
(?) the rainbow, but it's not me, haha!
Fat white man on the road

Lyrics by Billy Nomates


  1. I'd love to make an erudite comment. Instead I can only say this is striking. And that is one fat squirrel.

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