April 30, 2020

Everyone is Howard Hughes

Everyone is Howard Hughes

Everyone is Howard Hughes
At the end, on the edge of the bed
Washing and wringing hands, 
dirty faces in the dim light 
Flickering fluckering in flux in flames, and the phone keeps ringing....

Is there anybody home?
It’s all about the Me In America
The I is silent
All those actors pretending to die
Rehearsing their desperate lines
Putting lives to memory
Impersonations of sad slideshow music
Play the blues forward
for the Red and the Unread,
the Unreachable,
the Dead and Deplorables,
the Unteachables, and The Great Unwashed.

There is no you in America.
But there is a whimpering I in America.
There is a self serving me in America.
Most of all there is a “they”
As in THEY want what we have!
A “they’re
As in THEY'RE gonna get us!
 A “They’ve
As in THEY’VE waited too long to save us!
Listen, we get one shot,

There is only one life that we can save.
Yes, there will be walls, tunnels,
silos, silver linings, and
a few beautiful halos.
And you will find so many
holes to fall into
Beds to fall out of
and yet here you are on hold
holed up in a Whole Foods
Waiting like Howard Hughes
For the end
Sitting on the edge of your bed
Slightly Intoxicated
Breezy Beautiful and
Perfectly Unrecognizable
Sporting fingernails grown long 
past recognition.

April 19, 2020

Conspiracy Theory 101- "If wishes were horses, then children would ride pangolins"

 "The truth is, we're not that dumb, and we're not that smart."
Donald Keough - Coca Cola

The internet was rocked today with rumors that Donald Trump was still alive.  After his sudden death in 2020, various conspiracy sites have claimed that Trump faked his own death, or at the least, his brain was being kept alive in a state of cryogenic arrest in a warehouse/ or tool shed, depending on the sources, in Florida.  These same sources, (thought to be funded by Venezuela) opine that Trump's Brain has been running the US for the past three years, which explain the frequents blackouts and mass-memory loss that have plagued Red States, since half their population was decimated in the Covid 19 pandemic.  

President Pence discounts all of these rumors, saying "if wishes were horses, then children would ride pangolins".  Pence, just returned from a 6 day conversion therapy workshop, and he ordered the Pink House to be returned to it's original White, stating it was a momentary phase, he was just being "festive" and should not to be confused with actual government White Wash policy. Pence is facing intense criticism for selling the US educational system to Bill Gates in 2021 to fund obscure military initiatives.

Meanwhile Gates has his own issues, as his independent candidacy for President, is increasingly coming under attack after his merger with Apple, now called SoftApple.   SoftApple stock is surging with the introduction of the I-Truth, a truth revealing gel, disguised as a hand sanitizer.  Parents can't get enough of this stuff!

Gate's candidacy was propelled by his purchase of the education system.  Children, enrolled in what used to be called Public Education, are now given Gates Revalued Educational Truth Sterilization Kits (Youth) to increase scores and passing.   GRETSKY, as it is better known, has revolutionized education in the US.  Recent test scores have soared to new records, and officially, the US has emerged from what scientists term THE STUPID YEARS, to what is being called NOT QUITE AS STUPID YEARS. 

Pence is facing a tough campaign year with Trump death deniers, Gates, and the dismal economy, which he inherited from the former President.  More than half of all registered Republicans were lost in what is now known as The Great Pandemic of 2020, when they refused to heed public health recommendations, and infection rates soared at the return of professional sports and Pearl Jam's unexpected fall tour in 2020. 

Still, there is some gallows humor among the Remains, or what the Republicans are now called.  Democratic candidate Chelsea Clinton is still mired in a Tik Tok scandal, while Don Lemon's candidacy was given a boost yesterday with the endorsement of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Brain.   

April 2, 2020

Without oxygen

Without oxygen, 
our cells die and our organs 
stop their functioning. 

 COVID19 haiku   

“This disease is different from what we typically see, and its severity has unsettled even our most experienced doctors. One man arrived and had to be intubated immediately; his blood-oxygen level, thirty-eight per cent, was the lowest any of us had ever seen. 
(Greater than ninety-five per cent is normal; eighty per cent is alarming.) 

We have seen other patients with levels in the sixties or seventies. Another patient’s levels plummeted to below twenty per cent in the few seconds it took us to connect him to a ventilator. "

Previously, in this blog we looked at two forms of "drowning." Both of these posts are more metaphoric than clinical, or they may be accurate.  I'm not a brain scientist.

This post was about depression, and how we can drown in our own self generated darkness. 

The first post that discussed drowning was in 2009, three years after the death of my father from congestive heart failure.  As the heart fails, and the lungs fill with fluids, so one drowns in your own body. 

April 2 happens to be the 14th anniversary of the death and loss of my Father.  Our parents make such an impression on us, and when they go, there are holes that never get filled.  There are places in our hearts that never get comforted.  And yet, there are also memories that won't get forgotten for some time anyway. 

What are your favourite memories of your parents?

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments, or you can email me at lesgoodman66@gmail.com