October 22, 2013

Piss and Vinegar

Piss and Vinegar Still from film
Ruth Leitman's humble documentary Lipstick & Dynamite, Piss & Vinegar:
The First Ladies of Wrestling

Piss and Vinegar

I come home drunk with nothing but a bone
the voices in my head  screaming in the telephone
the whole world's gone crazy and thats no lie
my little piece of heaven just got eaten with the pie

I got a pie chart here that explains it all
we get the shaft- they own the ball
sometimes we want a little coffee in our cream
then we wake up screaming "it's a bad bad dream."
If you wonder how I do it, well  I just say screw it
Got the lightbulb in my hand but I don't have clue if it
screws to the left or it skews to the right
Piss and vinegar's on the menu tonight. 

Don't wait for heaven- Jesus isn't going to come
He's still hanging on a cross But I got a bible you can bum
words come cheap like they teach you in class
Hey that's my masterpiece that you're wiping on your ass

this song came to me in the morning from a dream
i can't decypher if it's genius or a schizophrenic scream
A cry for help or help is on the way
there's a fire and it's  burning in my mind if i may

Ask me why you listen to these crazies on the loose
Looks like Darwin's monkey mind is driving this caboose
It's all ass backward and thats being polite
you see this all came to me at the ass end of night

now the times running out the door to get to work
Was Jesus still breathing or was it death's last jerk?
if you got any questions still then the answer is this
Piss and vinegar with just a little more piss.

dense milt 2013. ©