June 13, 2015

Fresh Twisted Wolves- Obama's Deadly Curse Predicted

This is SPAM Poetry. Not a poetry slam, but spam disected, cut and pasted, created, disembowled for mass consumption.       

Men taste small with side bar eyes

thus the management show us cozy croquettes

fabulous pointed driving music

hot excited democratic monosyllabic Chicago heritage 

districts never publish their price

look north, found reasonable man

family bare received tacos

madman ribs establishment

desserts there hairy

this jersey vegetarian visiting ignorance

10 steaks returned  

No doubt Mr Big has cooked

flabby though looked violet

dim beat friday

welcoming one percent windup

boys were hard 

come fantastic

let's keep talking 

man sentenced to 6 years 

63 counts, dozens of victims

happy friend forms universe exactly like book 

martini lunch experience absolutely authentic

chicken cream increased

suddenly England sauce- tasty deferentially mince 

Great! Amazing! It’s minutes, seconds with bacon

collapsed potatoes, rotty marble flora 

"Awesome news," says anyone 

extra lingerie where cheese spotted 

Between eating everything, the hungry world treated extremely 

Go gentle wife - dream often 
entire hours 
ingredients for glowing stupidity 
second quality mess 
future’s  brightened volume makes life bigger 

accommodating pit vibrating open, too spicy 

alluding god knows what christlikeness 

Created different daemons  

lost public feeling 

survival score raw and stuffed 

society traveling south without taste

your perfectly upscale  chinese script 

Grab this broody summer beyond surprise 

Bubbling death economy clouds magic love impending 

almost rural wolves finally minced 

crowd disappointed with the fresh twisted wolves