January 9, 2022

Sacrifice Does Not Require Burning


The harvest leg 

Is having second thoughts

Feels they may have given up

more than was required

Was this simple graft or graveyard robbery?

The harvest leg

had no say 

in this matter of 

Gravity vs gravitas vs gravy

The harvest leg 

Still standing upright offers up 

More the a pirate’s booty

And kicks out the jams

Nails jelly to the walls

Requests a new melody 

for dancing the broken night

The harvest leg

Throbs with jealousy

For the Devil’s arthritis

Built on borrowed pins and needles

Hangs itself out of spite

Then recalculates as 

Piss runs past vinegar

Rubbing salt in 

the wound so beautifully drawn.

A thrum comes down

without warning or pity

chews through sinew

Bores with repetition 

An incremental collection 

Of steps adding up to 

A cup of bones. 

A minor migration of saphenous veins,

Now the Ralph Lauren cardiac pillow 

Rests in the nest between 

The harvest leg

And the insensitive good leg, 

oblivious of their fraternal twin’s

Phantom pain.