January 4, 2022

Sitting in the dark waiting for the dawn to arrive

Sitting in the dark waiting for the dawn to arrive

 It is 7 am. The year has barely started. A Tuesday/ Wednesdayish feel. Some snow from last night remains, but the traffic sounds like rain. Lately, I sleep for 4 hours or so, then try to relax in bed until morning breaks.  Sometimes I get out of bed.  This morning I am waiting out the dawn, which like the end of this pandemic, is coming. 

I am blessed to have so many artists and musicians and creative people in my life.  They have a hard road, as they say, because they see it all.  And sometimes that is not a pretty sight. 

Not a pretty sight.  But sometimes it is a glorious and beautiful sight.  And those are the moments we live for.  

Love.  That is what we call this divine moment.  

We are blessed with such vision and beauty and power,   We must strive to shut out the noise that diverts us from this discovery.   

“The war is over, if you want it.” 

“ I declare the war is over.” 

“Some of them were dreamers, and some of them were fools, and for some of them it was only the moment that mattered. “

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