November 5, 2011

time xplaynd by bill bissett

time is reelee abt how evreething is fleeting n how we deel with that
n how deeplee we undrstand that awareness th jewels shine as our
undrstandings th layrs n openings apertures n iris lens in or not
n how manee narrativs reveel our paradoxikul n continualee shifting
minds n all th dimensyuns byond narrativ as well astoree is what
time is it what time is it 4 ourselvs n our specees n how timeless
th breth uv th galaxee n oftn ourselvs tho agen fleeting lyrik song
chant philosophikal theologikul prsonal propheseez vizual n tanguld
tangos our dances thru ths dimensyun lerning th binaree n wanting
n hoping 2 b unlerning th binaree with th invisibul dansrs in th ancient
n now glistning ball room n th 4tune tellrs shuffuling theyr decks how
we yern 4 n letting go uv our games finding love n th chancs 4
savin th environment n our selvs
—bill bissett

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