November 23, 2011


Red eyes at dawn, seek something to hold onto
a familiar breaking through veils 
in the dark our eyes slow to adapt 
Behold the Dazzle!
- you must pay attention now- 
From midnight porn to morning pouring 
Watch out for the poor on the road
the Specular reflects spectacular holes
then genuflects in the middle of nowhere
Speed on 
Tempo of light 
the Waves of night still
Imposed on daybreaking
Still/life creeping into Light- the coyotes must find their holes
Did you see the raccoons strewn with their
wet black Davy Crockets red glare- 
stripes stripped to the status of roadkill

Pull the veil of light striations
Revealing coruscating glare on glass- the grooves burrow into a morning frown
A heavy load of Rain lights on shiny pavement
Backscatter! Backscatter!

Do you see that there is a s
himmery glimmer on the road?

You reach for coffee and eat the cake of Soft tremulous distortion 

The light adjusts and suddenly Luminescence

Guiding us from the nether radiance 

thru the angry fog and angry god
and hungry dogs to the possible

At night they howled at the moon,
but the dawn is gone

For now the night departs for tomorrow

while I forgot to say that the sky is falling

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