January 3, 2008

The Red Book

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Breathe...just breathe. I can get through this.
'Think of what you love.'
The heart tightens but life goes on. Hold on.
The ride is bumpy. Get a grip.
'We'll be on the ground soon if we only
My lungs are on fire. There is fire in my belly,
but my lungs are on fire. It is not my decision;
Dear God, it is in your hands now. No. It is my decision. It is in my
hands now. My palms are sweaty. I am cold, clammy, my forehead is drenched,
my shirt sticks to my back. My lungs are on fire.
MUST BELIEVE. MUST BE ALIVE. 'You must believe if you want to live.'
My heart tightens and my lungs are on fire. 'There is no one to hold your hand.'
It is your choice. Some decisions are life and death. The air is melting around
me. I can't breathe. My lungs are on fire. BREATHE. BELIEVE. BE ALIVE.
Concentrate, it's easy if you want it to be. Do you want it? Life, that is.
Do you want it? 'Get me home.' What is happening? This is bad.
My lungs are on fire. I'll be good, if only. BREATHE. Think of the people you

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