July 8, 2012

To Stress or Delete? To Pitar or to Pater?







To pitar (Sanskrit) 

or to pater (Latin and Ancient Greek)?

That is the question.   

Whether to postulate 

"schwa indogermanicum" 

or simple evolve 

into a theory of the so-called 


She had a certain Schwa de vive.  

To stress or delete?  

To Pitar or to Pater?  

Pataphysics and sidekicks

Sick kids sucking sidecars

Mouth breathers sing the Hard R's

Hardy Har Hars.

Mehs and metaphysics

Smiley faces and schwa swingers

She sings of paranormals and the 

polyamorous, dischords and dialtones,

Morphing into melons 

Music and mucilage.

Oh, my.  Don't cry over the spilt milt.

He's a Spoilt rod with a spare in the trunk.

Be prepared for George Peppard,

Go lightly treading on his 

Moon in June rivers.

"hey they look like Jesus 

standing on a surfboard, 

paddling the sick waters of False Creek."

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