July 18, 2012

Call Me Leviathan with Soul

The whale has a trick that he does when he’s hungry,
He opens up his mouth and a sweet tale unfolds.
Fish trickle in, tickle him, he says come in
Come into my mouth and then he swallows them whole.

Deep down in the belly of the whale there’s a door
Follow the pleasures as your body goes south
Satan himself upon his highchair eating damned well
It’s a whale of a tale in this salty hellmouth
 And He eats damn well and his Hellmouth never closes,
He's wide open, well spoken, a Lugubrious lad
His hunger it gnaws whilst his thirst cancels reason
And the whole damned meal can make you go mad.
 In The Rapture for Dummies,  a book I firmly recommend
A plague on all houses and the wicked world ends
There is violence and vermin, vipers, and snakes,
Spiders and cannibals, the naked multitudes shake

So run away son, come from the north to the south
In the belly of the beast the compass finds Hellmouth.
You were wading through the river just to get to the end
And saw the head of the Leviathan up around the bend.
 Smoke pours forth and you began to lose your sight
"By his neesings you will know him" - is it day or is it night?
A little light doth shine, on his eyelids of the morning
You can hardly breathe from the sound of his snoring.
These visions of the neesings keep me up awake all night.
And in the final revelation, who has the beast’s bigger bite?
So we all revelled on in the shadows of his  powers
Hear the Leviathan screams in the hellmouth’s final hour
You see, the big beast’s a baby who throws a final fit
And gets brought to his knees by a worm called "kilbit",
Clinging to his gills, the Seven Princes of Satan
Is it true a little worm killed the Devil's own Kraken?
Let us all review what we have just learned here:
Legends are stand-ins for our unvoiced fears.
God has no control of the Hellmouth open wide
The world's brought down from a killer inside
 So is the myth of the Hellmouth a simple metaphor for meals?
Or is it the oldest male nightmare of the wound that never heals?
Eve’s vagina dentate form the primal roots of this truth
From a boiled down Bible - Revelations to Ruth.
 While  God and the Devil create fears of the other
Our original sin is our fear of the Mother.
Allow me to shine a little light into her door
From the place all life emerges - an unsuspecting metaphor.
It’s "Rapture",  you Dummies with its summer sweet smells,
drawing us to pleasures of the flesh not hell.
Its Original Sin, and when that gal has you down
Her jaws clamp shut, welcome to Hellmouth town.
And the whole enchilada gets shut down by a worm,
But if the 'kilbit' kills the buzz,  I’d rather stay warm
So open up your Hellmouth and wipe the sleep from my eyes 
And call me Leviathan, with soul where it lies.

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