May 24, 2022



I remember the first time I saw Active Dog at the Windmill.  I was Transfixed by the mesmerizing Bill Shirt- my birthday brother, one of my favorite front men of the day.  LOVED the camp slam classic Downtown cover, where tongue firmly in cheeks, Active Dog extolled the virtues of exodus.

We all escaped our suburban hells and went downtown

Where all the lights are bright


Everyone’s waiting for you. 

My heartfelt thanks to Bill Shirt (Scherk)  - Patron saint of the suburban rats.

Out on the Frontier by Los Popularos    (I can’t make out all the words, but these jump out:)

Out on the frontier

Machines are screaming in my ear

I’ve come to lend a hand 

To save this wretched land

It’s easy being happy these days

Life’s like that

Everyday the scene is the same

As we work we look up 

Nothings clear

A message comes and but you can’t hear

The hopes alive

A promise dies

And you smile 

If this link works, you can hear

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