January 14, 2012


Unemployment, poverty, wars, warts, loss of freedom, loss of football, loss of memory, loss of children, financial loss, losing your pen, rampant greed, rampant eco-destruction,rampant global warming, corrupt politicians, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, socialists, socialized medicine, Social Networks, social diseases, Stephen Harper, Stephen King, King Stephen Harper, diseased religious fanatics, corrupt religious fanatics, lone gunmen, one gunman, gangs, gangs of gunmen, police, police with guns, mental illness, mental cruelty, cruelty to animals, cancer, dementia, genetically modified foods, food shortages, water shortages,  short people, short tempers, fingers on the button, fingers fingering your button, not being able to button, the industrial military complex, industrial music, borders, doctors, doctors without borders, doctors with borderline personalities, shopping for books at Borders, Amazon, Google, Apple, Apple after Steve Jobs, having no jobs, look ma no hands, mothers, fathers, bad mothers, bad fathers, evil chickens, evil children, snakes, rakes, rape, apes, the Dutch, the Bomb, Obama, the Oprah, the restless natives, the Chinese, the Russians, the Jews, the Americans, the American Jews, Woody Allen, having a woody in class, having no class, having no woody, the pine beetle, pining for the Beatles, Christmas, Christians, Mitt Romney, mittens, kittens, money, monkeys, melons, felons, feelings, freedoms, condoms, prose and cons, prose or poetry, poetic license, love, luvs, uvulas, vulvas, viruses, vulvas with viruses, bulghur, Bulgarians, Hungarians, going hungry, going crazy,clog dancing, blogs, logs, joggers.

Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, Soylent Green, Martians, marshmallows, mellow hippies, hipsters, brains clouds, Hag's disease, soul suckers,Ripley's (1) , Jack the Ripper, bodice rippers ( no, that is real), men whose stomachs are ripped,men whose brains are ripped, men, ( in general), zombies, The Pulse (2), The Pulse (3), the Undead, the Grateful Dead, dinosaurs, Michelle Bachman, eyes of newts, Newt Gingriches eyes, Ron Paul, the White Plague (4), the Gold Standard, giving up the Gold Standard, Goldfield Syndrome (5). 

1. Ripley's: alien parasitoid macrovirus. The adult aliens resemble deformed potato beings with legs, while the younger aliens — nicknamed "shit-weasels" because they can be created in a host organism's stomach and escape by eating their host's body between the stomach and anus — are legless, smaller versions of the adult alien. Both adult and young aliens have a mouth consisting of a slit on the underside of the head that goes down the length of the worm. The lips separate to reveal hundreds of teeth that can bite through steel.1

2. The Pulse: A powerful virus which lies dormant inside mobile phones and which requires a powerful signal to set off. The exact unleashers are unknown, but are implied to be a terrorist group due to numerous theories in the novel. The virus is implied to have been released just after September 11th, and lain dormant in cell phones ever since. Once the right signal is transmitted and leaked into incoming phone calls, the caller's brain cells immediately disintegrate and they are unable to recognize friend from foe; they are even unable to recognize other people infected with the virus. Inevitably, the infected callers become psychotic and start killing each other, the chaos of which lasts approximately two days before the infected callers have become "stable" enough to cooperate and recognize each other.

3. Band from the 80's featuring various non-descript future bankers.

4. The White Plague: A genetically engineered virus that kills only women. Released only on IrishEnglish, and Libyan populace.

5. Goldfield Syndrome: A form of anterograde amnesia in which the sufferer begins each day with no memory of the events of the previous day. The person believes every day to be same day on which they acquired the condition.

1. Stephen King 2. Stephen King 3.dense milt 4.Frank Herbert 5. 50 First Dates ( see also Groundhog Day, Independence Day, and Dog Day Afternoon)


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