January 10, 2012


Today's challenge: write an instant song/poem with the title House of Curtains, and using the words quilt and patchwork.


What is that shape behind the drape? 
A baboon's ass or a man with a grape, 
In the house of curtains they draw the blinds
Invoke words like quilt and mess with your minds.

Who is the doll behind the curtain?
Flicking her sash with a dash of flirting?
She dances like an Egyptian behind the Venetian
Limbos under the valance to bring us to completion.

So it's drag and swag over rod and pole
Work the japery of her drapery like a patchwork soul.
Then we nod to the valance while catching our balance,
And the shape behind the drapes reveals her talents.

densemilt 2012.

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