August 3, 2010

America is Angry

America will work for food.
America enjoys a smoke.
America needs a drink.
America is angry.

America likes to take drugs.
America wants to sleep with you.
America would kill for a day off.
America is angry.

America likes the bright lights.
America likes the dark corners.
America wants its cake.
America is angry.

America bombs the poor.
America needs to see a doctor.
America is going postal at the workplace.
America is angry.

America likes heavy metal.
America fears God.
America will sacrifice her babies.
America is angry.

America likes having sex with strangers.
America likes blender drinks with bendy straws.
America doesn't want to play today.
America is angry.


  1. nice.... and to the point.. LOL

  2. gutsy, affective, and succinct

  3. There is always something deeper
    when it comes to Anger.I think in
    America,it is total divide.People
    do not know who to trust anymore.
    ( If ever ? ) That said,we cannot
    let anger prevail.Let courage guide!

    Strong writing.Thank you for sharing.