August 19, 2010

Shit happens....for a reason

Shit happens.....for a reason.  Shit meaning stuff, meaning bad karma, meaning bad events, meaning cancer?  Because "everything happens for a reason".  Or so I said to my wife in the car, who replied, I don't buy that.  Bad things happen and then people try to make sense of it, by reasoning, it was meant to be.  Or I deserve it, or God knows better than we do, you see, there is a plan!
Or is there?  Our lives are ruled by randomness.  The only guarantee of success is persistence, and luck.
Or birthright.  As we know from looking at all the great talented suicides of even recent history, talent is no measure of success.  Far from it.  It is often a curse in a world that is increasing becoming stupider and stupider by the minute. 
So does shit happen for a reason- well, if that candy makes your life sweeter, or that dream makes the next morning bearable, or that old time religion helps you to screw your neighbor's wife and cheat at business, only to be pious and proud on Sunday, well then shit happens for a reason. 

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  1. Oh, a good one, Dennis. The Law of Sequential Happenings. So, three months after your blog entry and assuming your wife's interpretation is incorrect, is the reason for everything with the past (The O Model), with the present (attune yourself to the immidiate), or with the future (destination of a hidden certainty)? But think about all the permutations of this algorithmic life of Cause & Effect: if-then, if-then, if-then... we walk the garden of the forking paths.