July 10, 2022

She’s A Boy. He’s A Girl.


 Genda Blenda.  

A love song.  A song about the possibility of love, of change, of finding your voice, of being your true self, of acceptance of the pain of acceptance.  

It’s complicated, like life.  It is an attempt by a straightish guy to give support to my LGBTQ2+ friends and family.  

Because love doesn’t discriminate.  Love will find its way, through the myriad of pronouns, acronyms, capital letters, bars, bathrooms, schoolyard taunts, bullies, past  all the false flags waved by those who love to wave flags. 

“ She’s a boy. He’s a girl. And they want to change the world”. Change the world, not just change pronouns, not just change partners and dance, change the way we think about gender, and bodies, and kinds of love.  This is a call to assert their right to love, life and the freedom to just be.  To be boring if they want.  To be whatever, whomever, forever. 

“Doesn’t matter what they are. ‘Cause everybody is a star.”

“Use your inside voice. It’s an uptight world. Doctor said ‘Don’t worry, Mom.  It’s a Boy. No, it’s a Girl.”

“It’s a tough crowd tonight. We’re playing chicken in the bar.  You brought that damned feather boa. All I got is this goddamned guitar.

Found a hidden map. Lying in your lap. All roads lead to scars, schoolyards, and smoky bars.

She’s a Boy.  He’s A girl. And they want to change the world.” 


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