July 3, 2022

My Soul Mate - Happy Anniversary

What to say that hasn’t already said?  

We met 47 years ago. 

I was still in high school.  

You were a year and a half older.  


We have been together for 43 years now.

We were kids. We made a child.

We are child owners.  

No one makes me laugh like you,

                                                                                    Only you can melt my bitch face.

You challenge me. You push me.  You refuse to take my crap. You always call my bullshit. 

You never canceled me.  You forgave me.  

It hasn’t been all roses.  But way more roses than not.  You have a ton of patience, waiting for me to grow up. But I treasure all the thorns along with the way as you make me a better person.  I am a better person because of you.  

This picture was taken on the night before we legally married, if I remember correctly, which is about a 50/50 proposition these days.  Our anniversary is July 4.  Independence Day south of the border.  Fireworks. Bombs bursting in air.  Makes it easier to remember. As if I could ever forget.  

I have always been such a lucky guy.  So much lucky.  Winning at the horse races.  Bingo! Say it louder. BINGO!  We have a winner. 

Through the years, the seasons, the snow, the heat domes, the atmospheric rivers, earthquakes, the art, the bands, the friends we have made together, the losses we shared, living with me is not always easy.  I would be the first to acknowledge that.  

But we always have a full glass to raise, to cheer, to toast our good fortune finding each other. Again.  

I remember the night you told me that we had been lovers before in another life.  I was the woman that time.  We have been together for lifetimes, and there will be more lifetimes to come. 

Michelle, my belle.

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