July 9, 2022

Autocorrect, my ass or Wht I mint to say


Writing is a gift and a challenge.   A gift when you put the words together in a way that makes your meaning memorable, a challenge when your ability to construct sentences is hampered by your inability to construct sentences.  What I meant to say was, sometimes the words get in the way of expressing the thoughts in your head.  Or rather, the thoughts in your head are interrupted by the voices in your ear, or the foot that keeps placing itself in your mouth, or the new meaning of formerly acceptable words, or how typing with a finger on a tablet, can be autocorrected into complete gibberish.  

Autocorrect, my ass.  I typed that though into the A.I. Image generator, and got the image to my right.  I mean left.   Or today, as I typed a comment on a thread, and was autocorrected five the first time to a misspelling. I lij that.  Fuve minutes of fame. No wonde we are becoming non- verbal.  No wonder you have to add emojis to confirm meaning.  

Scratch my head.  The ponder sign.  Hmmmm.   Couldn’t find a gif.  

“Head-Rub Girl

When your BFF's got drama to discuss, or wants you to confirm if her Instagram caption is good, or brings you into a group chat to help formulate her text messages, Head-Rub Girl's like: "I'm going to pretend to listen to your idiocy because I'm your friend, but I literally can't with this." In fact, Head-Rub Girl "literally couldn't" so many times that it gave her an aneurysm and now she spends 100% of her time at home having the blood massaged out of her brain.”

Have you had the blood massaged out of YOUR brain?  Would that be pleasurable? Massaging blood out of your brain? 

Head-Rub Gurl

What I am trying to say is words no longer matter.
Except when they do.
The wrong words can end a fight, a relationship, a bad day.
The right words can make all the difference.
(Is that even a complete sentence?)

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