April 2, 2022

New and Improved

Five months after the triple bypass.
I start my day doing cardio exercises for 30 minutes. This is my new routine everyday since the end of January. I am down 26 lbs from pre-bypass weight.  I feel sharper and stronger with more energy.   I am limiting alcohol to 1-2 nights, 1-2 drinks, usually 1. I have been drinking only decaf coffee since last year.

After 43 years of marriage, I feel more in love than ever before.  In my twenties, love was a drug.  In my sixties, love is hard work but worth every minute.  I am in love with love. I know that am an extremely fortunate guy.  So much lucky.

Now I take joy in simple pleasures, like being able to get up and exercise everyday. And you can see the difference this bypass and change in diets and exercise has done for me.  I feel so much better than pre-bypass.  Before,  I was tired all the time, short of breath, challenged in the afternoon with brain fog.   

I had blockages of 70-90%, which means I was running on only 10-30% of proper blood flow.  For years I was told to exercise, that it would help with my depression.   I didn’t listen.  

Now I listen.  

About a year ago I was complaining to my wife about having to crouch and bend down to dry our little dog after walks in the rain.  It hurt my knees to crouch.  She said “So you’re happy with living like that? You want to accept less and less mobility for the rest of your life? 

Think about that.  

How do feel when you get up in the morning?  

I won’t lie, I still feel stiff when I wake up. My muscles need waking up. But mid way through my daily routine, I start to come alive again.  

Guess what? Feeling good makes you…..

wait for it….

feel good.  

I feel alive.  This is why I strongly believe it is essential to take control of what goes into your body.

Take control in the way of fuel but making better food and drink choices.  

Take control of exercising your body every day.  It helps to keep all the parts in working order. I had a car once that just died on the highway.  The engine had gone dry, not having the needed oil to keep it running.  That is what your body will do if fuel it with bad choices.  It will go dry and die.  

Back in the 70’s we would go out for liquid lunches. 

Now I am in my sixties, and I am learning to love throwing punches, ( in exercise not at people!) I am learning that sometimes the best drink is a thing we call water.

 Yes, I said water.  I have the recipe. I can send it to you if you want it. 

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