October 16, 2011

Seeking the Soft Gooey Center

From our first breath of life, the possibility of unconditional love lives in our heart.

As as we move through this life, we learn to place various conditions upon this love.

Our unconditional love becomes “conditional.”

Over time, the sheer volume and inventory of conditions can develop into what is commonly known as a heart condition,

Conditions act in ways that harden the heart.

Do not despair… you can remove conditions just as you can place them on yourselves.

All conditions are self-imposed.

The original condition is unconditional.

Do you actually think you can protect your heart from breaking?

The conditions we place on ourselves accumulate to harden the heart, which is the physical center of all emotions.

A hard heart will be more fragile and subject to breakage.

It is in the best interests of your health to seek the unconditional. 

We are born to seek the "soft gooey center”.

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