October 31, 2011

An explanation of the universe outside the room of Endgame

Hamm: Look at the ocean!
(Clov gets down, takes a few steps towards window left, goes back for ladder, carries it over and sets it down under window left, gets up on it, turns the telescope on the without, looks at length. He starts, lowers the telescope, examines it, turns it again on the without.)
Clov: Never seen anything like that!
Hamm (anxious): What? A sail? A fin? Smoke?
Clov (looking): The light is sunk.
Hamm (relieved): Pah! We all knew that.
Clov (looking): There was a bit left.
Hamm: The base.
Clov (looking): Yes.
Hamm: And now?
Clov (looking): All gone.
Hamm: No gulls?
Clov (looking): Gulls!
Hamm: And the horizon? Nothing on the horizon?
Clov (lowering the telescope, turning towards Hamm, exasperated): What in God's name could there be on the horizon? (Pause.)
Hamm: The waves, how are the waves?
Clov: The waves? (He turns the telescope on the waves.) Lead.
Hamm: And the sun?
Clov (looking): Zero.
Hamm: But it should be sinking. Look again.
Clov (looking): Damn the sun.
Hamm: Is it night already then?
Clov (looking): No.
Hamm: Then what is it?
Clov (looking): Gray. (Lowering the telescope, turning towards Hamm, louder.) Gray! (Pause. Still louder.) GRRAY! (Pause. He gets down, approaches Hamm from behind, whispers in his ear.)
Hamm (starting): Gray! Did I hear you say gray?
Clov: Light black. From pole to pole.

    Another day, another dollar.  Do we work to live or do we live to work?  What is the name of the feeling one has when waking in the dark, it is dark all around, and the dreams of the night have not quite ended, they do not want to end, they refuse to die, they must go on, they can't go on, they go on.  I found that word one day, but today I forget the name, it is so important to have a name. I woke with the word "disambiguation".  It seems this is a "wiki word" devised to explain a situation where ambiguity arises, so "disambiguation" is now required.  
    Why can we not have ambiguous, ubiquitous, GRRAY?  That is the world I wake upon.  The GRRAY world. 
    And today is payday.  The pot at the end of the rainbow, the lucky charm, the end all and be all, and still, it is like pissing in the ocean, for what? To release, to relieve momentarily, but to what affect does the piss make to the ocean?  

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