March 19, 2022

Say Hello to my little friend

One of the benefits of losing 25 lbs has been a reunion of sorts.  My refurbished heart is pumping way more blood than before, so after the jettison of my spare tire, you can say my oil is changed, my tires rotated, and I am road worthy.  

Or should I say ride worthy?

No need for love handles, just grab the hair if you must.  It’s the end of my girth and I feel fine. In fact, I feel better than ever. Everything works better than ever. 


So as I gaze toward my feet,  I can actually see what all the commotion was about.  As my heart fills with excitement, so follows the wagging tail, so to speak.  Speaking of puppies, my little terrier weighs about 22 lbs.  Consider how prior to this weight loss, my genuflection of affection was hampered by the extra weight.  It was like I was lifting a small dog, plus three pounds of butter, all while trying my very best just to do my duty,  as I saluted God and Country.  

Indeed, it is so nice to see you again, to really see you as you are,  my oldest friend.  For all my days,  I’ve felt your presence, I’ve known your secrets, I’ve been shocked and humbled by your indiscretions, (for which I must share the blame.) 

Is it fair to curse the little brain for the big man’s descent to folly?  How do you spell decent?

Truly,  you are a gift that keeps giving.  So now, here in the “prime of my life”, once again, I am reunited with this obscure object for my desire.  

Some things never change, even with greater transparency.  

You are still an early riser.  

The lumberjack knows the sharpness of his axe, and the falling of the wood of the morn can make a grown man cry, “Timber!”


Below my belly, seize the prize

A little modest, you surmise 

On your knees to best inspect

A valiant rise to full effect

 A final gasp….and then …..Surprise!

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