February 20, 2021

When Looking For Angels, Start with the Mirror

Red digital numbers glow in the darkened room. 

They say 1:11.  

I have only been sleeping for 2 hours. It's like the wash cycle is over, and I must wake to witness the rinse cycle.   

In the world of numbers, 1:11 is a sign of special Angels.  

Angels are never singular, but always many.  

They want you to relax and lighten up.  

They whisper we are near watching over you.  

You don't have to take on the burden of knowing everything. 

Let  life unfold, one wrinkle at a time.

Signs of three numbers are signs that the Angels are trying to get your attention.  They literally want you to wake up.  A spiritual awakening beckons.  The appearance of three numbers is energy amplified. 

1 is a symbol of wholeness. Solitary, singular, and basic.  It is the beginning, the middle, and it is the end. 

1:11 is a sign that you are about to begin anew.

We are born alone and we may die alone, but in the middle, the now, we are social beings. We need others, and when we need, we must thank "thems" that brought us to the party.

I fall back asleep, and awaken again.  It is now 5:55.   555 is another Angel.  5 signals change, opportunities and risk.  It could be a new job, a new relationship, or a new location.  But we cannot move forward in fear.  We have to let go of fear to listen, advance and progress.  

We have gone through a very dark time, and there may be much more darkness before we get to the dawn. 

Where do we go?   How do we get there?  The fears we hold close, they are clouding our vision, keeping us in a fog of our own making.  Negative thought patterns weave a mesh, that becomes a net.  This is not a safety net.  This is a net that restricts our movements forward.

When I sit to write, I try to open my mind, and follow where the thoughts lead me.  I wrote a note the other day to myself, concerned with numbers, counting, repetitions, and obsessive behaviours.  I have been doing morning exercises and stretching for the past few months.  I find if I even miss a day, the places in my body that hold the stress rebel.   And the progress of a few months, can be erased in a few days.  The pain in my lower back goes into spasms.  My sleep is interrupted.  I feel lost.  Communications are frustrated, movements are frozen.  Literally most of North America is frozen.  

We are shut in by the pandemic, we are not allowed to go beyond the bubble.  And we are all going a little crazy. So we look for signs.  Signs to tell us where to go, how to get there.  

But now more than ever, we must breathe.  


Move beyond the crap we are drowning in. 

But how we ask.

We need to reach out to others, become the angels we want them to be.

Somebody has to start this.   Somebody has to make the first move.

Will it be you?

Will it be me?

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