December 15, 2012

Guns Don't Kill People

Guns don't kill people
People kill people
Guns just make it easier to kill people
Assault weapons make it easy to kill more people in a shorter time
How many more people can be killed without reloading?

The 2nd Amendment to US constitution grants the right to bear arms
Do you think the Founding Fathers anticipated assault rifles?
Does you think they gave people the right to own cannons?
Did they intend to give people the right to own grenades?

If you have the right to bear arns, do you have the right to chemical weapons?
How about the right to nuclear weapons?
Because if killing people or animals is the aim, why not blow em up real good?

No, Weapons of mass destruction are not arms.  
But if used correctly, arms and legs and all sorts of body parts result.
Let us not kid ourselves, weapons are not designed to act as deterrents.
Weapons are made to kill people.
Weapons are a very effective tool in the arsenal for the task of killing people.

Does the average citizen need tools to kill people?
City folk go down to the store and buy animals already killed for them.
Rural folk also can go down to the store to buy dead animals to eat.
But what if the citizen wants the right to kill their own animals?
Presumably to eat.  But sometimes not to eat.
Sometimes citizens want the right to kill animals and not eat them.

Gun culture feeds on fear.
Fear of a black planet.
Fear of a black President.
Fear of the unknown.

America loves their guns.
More than their children, unless they are unborn children.
America loves unborn children too.
America loves their guns so much they sell them all over the world.
Arming the enemy, or what the experts call finding something to shoot at

The killing of school children is horrific, senseless and previously unthinkable.
Unless you are Pakistanis killed by Presidential orders with drones.
The US Constitution gives Congress alone the power to declare war.
But that doesn't stop Presidents from killing people, presumably bad people.
Unfortunately, sometimes good people or even children get killed.
We call that collateral damage.

America loves their children so much that when they are 18
They send their children out in the world to kill people.
Presumably bad people.  But sometimes good people.  And children.
Collateral damage.

America has a rich tradition of the military and military service.
Service to your country.
God Bless the Troops.
Who are over in the god forsaken lands killing people on behalf of their government.
Presumably bad people.
People their government says are bad.
So what if a few of the bad people's kids get killed?
Probably just saving ourselves from having to kill them later.

Where do we think assault weapons came from- Santa Claus?
What would Jesus do?
I don't see him strapping on an assault weapon and mowing down helpless children.
What part of loving your neighbor is that?

Assault weapons were not designed to kill lots of deer at once.
They were designed to kill lots of people (presumably bad people) at once
Guns don't kill people.
People kill people.
Mentally ill people kill people.
Mentally ill cultures kill people.
Mentally ill countries kill people.  Presumably bad people. And unfortunately sometimes, children.

I'm sorry.  I can't bring myself to call innocent children collateral damage.
Whether in Pakistan or Connecticut or Virginia or Montreal or Vietnam or Rwanda or Bosnia.....
Guns don't kill people.
But they make it easier to kill more people.



  1. Thank you, well said. May I print a hard copy?

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