March 25, 2008

If the Globe is warming, why am I freezing my ass?

Out for a spring walk in the frozen north, a buggy full of boy. The sky is heroic, the shadows intrigue. What is the shelf life on a boy these days?
After my recall scare last year, I can fully attest to my products integrity. Made for comfort and speed.
I have five blogs on the go at present, three dogs and wife and child and a brother in law to boot.
But I'm learning to relax and go with the flow. Flipping the channels the other night my daughter and I came across that doctor show with Billy Ray Cyrus and some lady was continually interrupting, talking over the action with a blow by blow description of what it was that was going on. Turns out it was the Vision channel. Now both my daughter and I though the Vision Channel was an end of the dial Christian end of the world channel; turns out that its a channel for the blind.
The voice over tells them what they are watching, as the dialogues reveal the story. Just that day I had lunch with an old friend who teaches music to the deaf. Did you hear me? Music for the deaf. It is a transformative world we live in. There have been many changes in the past years; while the media feeds us a steady diet of fear and frolic, with a dash of toxic Brittany, life slowly changes before our eyes. Only there is no voiceover telling us what is going on.
So stop for a moment. Breathe. Clear your throat, cough up the hairball, and step right up. Its the greatest show on earth, or the only show we got. So love the one you're with MORE or learn to love a stranger until they are no longer a stranger, but a friend. Transform and you can extend your shelf life.

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