October 21, 2021

My Heart is Full of Love The Cardio Diaries part 1


My Heart is Full of Love

We all have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”  

“This was not what I had planned”.  

This statement was uttered by my Father upon learning we had to move him to what essentially was hospice care.  These were the words that came to my mind at that moment that I learned I had to have a triple bypass back in May of this year.

“This was not what I had planned”.  

Well sometimes plans change. 
They go out the window.  
Time for a New page. 
This news was in May, and then I waited two and a half months for a cancellation. Last week I got the call.
It was a different surgeon, then a different date, then another different surgeon.  I had to leave work then and there to get a new Covid test.  The next day, the results were not available,  so before my surgery, I got another Covid test.  

In terms of pain and discomfort, the Covid tests were no fun, but the repeated catheters - that is special kind of pain. 
There is a long swoop of a scar on my left leg from the knee to the ankle. That is where the veins were harvested. There is a very thin red line down my chest, where they sawed my sternum open. The sternum is banded together at the end of the operation with wires that will live with you as long as you live. Mortality rates for this operation are about 1-2 %.  Mortality rates after ten years go up more dramatically.
I am considering this operation a rebirth. 
Time for steel in my sternum.
Today I am under construction. 



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