April 7, 2021


Everything is fine.  I'm ok.  
Just enjoy these fly on the wall conversations. 
this is the lemonade from the lemons.  
The lemon jello.   
Remember, it's not really serious 
if they don't give you jello.  

-Please take off your mask.  We will need you to put on one of ours.

- Please take a seat in the waiting room

- No that's the Covid waiting room.  The normal waiting room is on the right.

- I just passed 50, so things like this are to be expected.

A young girl’s voice- Can you take a selfie of me?

Doctor-That is something I am not comfortable doing here 

Doctor-  Did you vomit?  No response.

- Did you throw up?  No response

- Did the food that you ate come back out your mouth?  

Doctor 2-- The x-ray was clear.  That's just swelling.  You can take advil or tylenol for the pain

Doctor 3 - ".....and a broken heart"

Nurse 1 -  He was a 42 year old pharmacist.  We had to intubate him after 6 hours. Then he died.  That fast. 

- I guess he waited too long to come in

Nurse 2- We have to take more of your blood.

X-ray technician - What is your last name?  Can you spell that?  

- What is your birthday?

Nurse 1- More of them are young people now.

Doctor 4. -Did the pain happen when you were walking the dog?

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