May 15, 2011

Sunday with the Seals- new ABC reality show takes down both Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor

With Celebrity Apprentice finale and Survivor finales on tonight, enquiring minds want to know who the Navy Seals can hunt down tonight? Gaddafi's in hiding.  ABC execs ponder if America will be down with having the "right to exterminate with impunity" as it goes domestic? No wonder Sarah Palin is armed to the teeth. The Seals know better than to take on Mama Grizzly.  
How about this scenario?
Navy Seals burst into the Trump boardroom, taking out the Donald, as Obama breaks into regular programming to tell world that real estate terrorist Donald Trump was captured without incident. Unfortunately, Meatloaf, John Rich and Marlee in proving their loyalty to the Donald, are fired. upon.
Cut to Marlee's sign translator.  She gave it all for the Donald.  
Meanwhile on Survivor, Phillip takes it all.  

Can the world get weirder???? 

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