March 5, 2008

To Friends of Scotty Hard

To Friends of Scotty Hard
After a long delay in ICU since the car crash to allow Scott to regain enough strength, Scott underwent key reconstructive spine surgery on Monday March 3rd. We've all been anxiously anticipating and hoping for completion of this essential operation as soon as possible, nobody more so than Scott, and he was greatly relieved it was finally at hand. The operation started at 11 am, and ended at 7 pm. The operation was long, complicated, and performed by a team of 3 neurosurgeons, plus attending staff at Bellevue Hospital. In conversations with the doctors immediately following the operation, we were told that the operation to rebuild Scott's fractured T4 and T6 vertebrae, and shattered T5 vertebrae went well, with no unexpected complications. They were able to rebuild the T5 vertebrae position using a metal cage system into which they packed remaining bone fragments, and fuse this "new vertebrae" to 2 remaining vertebrae above and below with a system of metal rods and screws. This will take time for the bones to "accept and take hold" of the metal. Once Scott heals from this surgery, this will allow him to be able to sit upright in a chair with greater stability to begin the next phase of his recovery. He will remain in the ICU for approximately "5 to 10 days or more" depending on his progress.
We were able to be with Scott in the OR recovery room at different times for very short periods, and although heavily sedated he's doing ok. The nurses on that floor have been echoing the comments of the folks on the Trauma floor "Scott's so nice to us!" No big surprise there. In spite of all this, Scott is still...absolutely Scott.
Now he's been moved back down to the IU unit on the 10th floor, and is resettling into his new room. He continues to be carefully monitored by the nursing staff, as well as round the clock watching by his pals and Scott's brother Mike. Scott's other brother Brian arrives today to be the 5th musketeer.
Visting is allowed in Scott's new room, but please be advised that fitful sleep remains the number 1 challenge affecting Scott's comfort, so keep visits short and low decible (5 minutes or so, unless otherwise asked). Food, bulky items, or any flowers are strictly forbidden on this floor. As the rooms have extremely limited shelf and drawer space, pictures, cards and drawings to post on the walls seem to be the most cheering things to bring.
In the meantime, the Highline Concert is rollin' along on sched, ETA for March 19th...get your tickets now, because it is selling out fast.
Thanks for your support
Leif Arntzen

If any of you are not familiar with Leif, check out his website, as he is an extremely talented singer/songwriter and jazz trumpet player. Scott worked with him on some recent recordings. I'm not sure if they are available yet, but they are fantastic when you have the chance to hear them.

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