March 2, 2008

That is not enough

From the brilliant Maira Kalman's book "The Principles of Uncertainty". "We eat pizza at Totonno's. Hot dogs at Nathan's. That is not enough."
BSG and I ate this in reverse; the hot dogs that pop and cheese fries at Nathan's, then a walk on the Boardwalk of Coney Island, Shoot The Geek, Brighton Beach, Jersey across the water, the original pizza at Totonno's. But that was not enough.
We had some kind of watered down overpriced cocktail on the boardwalk and met up with two more friends (one old, one new) of Scott's. Always more friends. Flirted with who we thought were the daughters of the owners at Totonno's, but whom we discovered later, were just gals working there with flour on their arms, in their hair. Grabbed the train back to Brooklyn, kept trying to get in touch with Bud for the hookup at Luger's that night.
Lugers, of the famous attitude, and bacon "appetizer". They later discovered this in my right coronary artery along with the steak for 2, which really is a dinner for a village in Africa. We get to the joint about 9 thinking all the rush was gone, only to be told by the polite doorman smoking that there was a "beef shortage" and we would not be able to get a seat. Scott did not take no for an answer, but said Hey is Tommy working tonight? So Tommy comes out, and he tells us in his suit obviously interrupted from his sports or CNN that indeed there is a "beef shortage", so we would not be able to get table tonight. Scott then pulls some other name out of his mental rolodex, and Tommy goes off in a huff, coming back to say, ok, we can seat you. BINGO!
BSG in the house. We get seated and immediately this waiter from eastern Europe comes up to our table and says "Scotty Hard!!!!" Mr. Scotty Hard!! I JUST LOVE YOUR NEW RECORD- RADICAL RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY!!!!"
Then he proceeds to spell out why in jazz geek splendour just why Scott is the jazz God he is.
He brings us special treats all night, including a special drink at the end.
Now you would think that was the end of a very good day. No wait. BSG has another bar that just happens to be across the street, where we need to get a cocktail. Nice waitress. Finish that and Scott says lets move down the street. We go down two more and walk into another bar and run into (guess what) two more friends of Scotty Hard. Bud's friend Chris from No Mas, and his lovely girlfriend, who I say to him, don't wait....marry her right now. I riff on the subject of Bud's upcoming wedding with an elaborate charade of Bud being carried down the aisle in a casket then arising ala Screamin' Jay Hawkins to be reborn as Bud Feldman ( the name of his betrothed). Did we stop there? No, I do believe Blackbetty had to figure in there somewhere again. Whoooah. Keeping up with BSG requires the strong of heart and additional livers on standby. We were once the hardest drinking band in show business, or so we joked, but the legend was history.

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