March 1, 2008

Shout Outs to the many Friends of Scotty Hard

This post is all about links. It is by no means a complete listing of all the friends and links and supporters of the incredible Scotty Hard. Enjoy the links but read the whole post: Friend Susan Fiedler has called her friend Ann Powers of the LA Times and Ann has written an article on her blog called " A Friend In A Hard Place" about our friend Scotty Hard.
See the link below:

Her link to my blog is currently faulty, but we hope to fix that soon.
Friend Sue MacGillvary (What is it about Scott and women named Sue?) has set up a website which is now up and will be running, just like our boy in Brooklyn.
Coming up soon is Miracle Monday, when the doctors will do their medical magic. Pictured here is the Brooklyn friends of the Friendmeister, Bud Feldman (we have given him a Goodman name too), and Sebastian, from New Kingdom. I had the utmost pleasure and honour of hanging out with this trio at the Subway Series (Mets vs Yankees) at Shea on my first day in NY. When you spend any time with Scott you constantly hear the maggot on the phone and running into someone somewheres that he knows. He knows a thing or two about a thing or two.....Friend Clare Love contacted me last night and offered her services in any way to help Scott. Clare happens to be an incredible singer/songwriter who you all should check out. Friend Elizabeth Fischer, an incredible singer and songwriter herself, offered much valued info yesterday about paypal. Friend Allen Moy called and talked my ear off the other day ( kidding!!!) and he and other high powered friends in the Vancouver Music Scene are discussing how we can best focus talent and energy to create maximum benefit for the Maggot we all know and love.
Note to new friends, Scott and I have called each other Maggot with love and affection for many years so don't be shy here. Now is not the time for the weak of heart.
Friend Heesok Chang and his lovely Mrs. Carrie Goldberg are heading up the Scotty Hard Trust fund which offers more fun that other funds- fun because that is Scotty Hard's middle name.
Friend Leif Arntzen, his Mrs Kathy (am I getting this right?) give and give offering up the thousands needed to get the trust fund going, getting Scott lawyers etc etc. Friend Mike Harding who is Scott's brother, is by his side. Here is a guy who rarely leaves his neighborhood but gets a passport and is in the air and by his side, strongarming friends to get the hell out of his brother's room so that the ever charming Mr. Hard can get some needed rest. Keep up the hard work, Mike because brother Brian Harding is on the way. Speaking of on the way, Manny Goodman is off to NY soon, and Sammy Goodman is already there. There is where musical genius's like John Medeski, and others are creating a benefit at the Highline Ballroom features John Scofield, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Bill Laswell, Antibalas, Vijay Iyer, and a host of other Hard lovers for March 19.
Friends of Scott become friends for life including just about every ex-girlfriend- you just cannot stop loving this guy. Ex Girlfriend/Nurse Susan has a blog herself at , wee Sue who set up the website,
DTLK (her lovely sister Michele - what is it with me and girls named Michelle?) , Tanus......our boy in Brooklyn got busy wid da bizness-sizzle. Hot and Hard. How can you lose?
Friend Christina Campanella sent me a shout out, (my email is

Friend Juliana Raeburn is offering Haircuts for scotty, and Friend Garnet Harry is offering lawns cut for Scotty, Friend Susan Fiedler (two mentions in one post) will be offering Scotty Hard pinkie rings ( I want one!!!!) Friends Colin Nairne have sent money $$$, Friend Jay Scott threw down $100 on the spot no arm twisting, Friends Naomi and Jason and others are organizing a benefit in Toronto.
Major shout out (drumroll........) for Tom Camuso and his wife Kim, Scott's business partner, who has been detective, advocate, organizer, Mr.
All the JD's including Max, Sammy, Manny, Moishe, Miss V Queen of Jazzmania, Madeleine in Vietnam ( Complete aside: Have you heard Dengue Fever yet....they are not to be believed....)
Can't forget the best friends anybody can have and that is your Mom and Dad- Shirl the Whirl and Russ. Went downtown the other day to pray with them at a healing circle. Does that mean all the healing is done, all the praying is done....not on my watch baby.

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  1. This is all great news. Thanks again for all the updates. I can feel the positivity all flowing in one direction.

    Bob 'Beaudine' Petterson