March 3, 2008

Scotty Hard 1991 on top of the world

Here stands the Boy from Brooklyn on the observation deck of the World Trade Center ( remember that?) looking down on the beauty that is NYC. He is young and full of promise and wearing a Mets cap (of course).
Special kudos for the shirt, which is a Scotty Hard trademark- the shirts, that is.
Thanks to the incredibly talented Mr. Craig Northey for this breathtaking shot, and for being in the same band as Steven Drake for so many years. Kidding. Mr. Drake is also very talented. As is Mr. Elliot. One day they will tell the world about Warren Zevon and the Odds. Until then, we are left with this reminder of our Boy in Brooklyn. Way to go Scotty, you had a rough day with the surgery, but you got through it. Friends all over the world are pulling for you. Be strong.


  1. Ha! That's the year I met him! These pix are so great! BTW I hear the VIP tables are already SOLD OUT for Scotty's big gig on the 19th. So if you haven't bought your tkt yet, hurry up!
    Yay Scotty!

  2. Dennis, Nick Jones here.If there is any sort of fund raiser for Scotty in Vancouver, Pointed Sticks would like to help out.My email is our schedule is pretty wide open,I have to leave for work on april 24 but anytime before then,count us in.