March 2, 2008

Not So Hard After All

BSG here with Bud (Schmelling) Feldman (Goodman) .....don't ask.
The Boys from Brooklyn obviously excited here about the news that Carlos Santana will be playing for the Mets this coming season.
Miracle Monday is tomorrow. All prayers, good thoughts, vibes, positive energy is being sent on the healing frequency to Bellevue Hospital room 10W45, where the unflappable Mr. Hard is feeling a bit soft these days. And who can blame him- you can cut through all the love coming his way like a Statue of Liberty Wedding cake in the Hamptons.
Check out the color coordination in the photo above. These guys will clean your carpets for a fee. is up and running. Major huzzahs to wee Sue MacGillivray, web designer extraordinaire, plus Mum doing 8 loads of laundry. What we don't do to keep this Boy in Brooklyn living in the style he is accustomed to.
Speaking of which, have you donated yet? I must confess I haven't, so today is the day. If you don't have an extra 5 large sitting around, think about sending $25 a month. Consider it a round of drinks for the band. While you're at it, don't forget to buy one for yourself.
Send checks ("cheques" for True North Strong and Free) to
Scotty Hard Trust
c/o Heesok Chang
970 Kent Ave. #401
Brooklyn, NY 11205
It's easy. You fill in the date at the top. Write Scotty Hard Trust in the payable to slot. Then fill in the space with the $. Now write that number out in words. Last, you sign the MF and put it in a envelope care of the Professor. Don't forget to put the correct postage on the envelope. Now drop it off in one of those blue or red boxes on the corners, depending on which country you live. See, that wasn't so hard after all.
Love ya, babes.

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