February 27, 2008

Visualize like your life depends on it

I was at the chiropractor today. No ordinary bone cracker for this guy; it is not about the snap, crackle or the pop. I lie on the bench and he watches me breathe. He gently taps my tail bone and a spot near my neck. Breathe from here to here. Now feel that breath as it moves right before the lower back and slow it down, then make it more intense right at the base.
You see it is all about breath control and how we train and trick our brain into letting go, and relaxing the muscles we hold in place. Our spine and backbone shelters the original information highway- the spinal chord.
Hopefully, tomorrow, Scott will have a 4 and 1/2 hour surgery to stabilize his T5 vertebrae, which is shattered and impacting on his spinal chord. Right now his white blood count is high, so focus your prayers and thoughts on the white blood counts going down. He needs to fight off the infections that may be attacking the trauma or other areas of his body.
Besides this visualization, I want everybody who reads this to understand that Scott is going to need many kinds of support for many years to come. This is a marathon; pace yourself. Give what you can afford to give, and think about the power of giving even a small amount every month. Over time, it all adds up. We have the power to change the world in our sleep. Think what we can do while we are awake.

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