February 21, 2008

send my love to scotty

Letter from Michael Blake:

hi everyone
I'm sending this to the short list because i'm too tired to find the longlist.
I'm in tel aviv, it's warm and i play tonight. unfortunately i seem to have contracted walking pneumonia. i'm fighting it off pretty well. i may be at bellevue for my own reasons saturday after the flight home.
i had a short talk with nate chinen (NY Times) at newark airport as he was writing an article about musicians , healthcare, etc. I've attached it here. during our conversation i did mention scott's situation to him. perhaps i should have cleared it with scott first. but i think it's important that people know. i hope that means more support and more love for our friend. we may be able to utilize support, ideas, etc in response to the article.http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/21/arts/music/21jazz.html?_r=1&ref=arts

I hope to be feeling better upon arrival. send my love to scotty


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  1. Scott is a wonderful person. I can't believe this has happened to him. If there is a benefit concert in Vancouver, count me in as part of the team. I will be thinking positive thoughts for Scott.
    -Brent Kane