February 28, 2008

Our Hearts Were Going Like Mad

... theres the mark of his teeth where he tried to bite the nurse O some parts still work like a charm like a guitar string humming screaming Jimi Jimi Jimi Are You Experienced yes getting stronger yes you control who can hurt you I wish for you Milty enough for two
what was the reason of this he said here I am now a pair of ragged claws pounding all week the wet nurse yes all swelled out I snapped up the flask till he got the doc to give me bourbon & belladonna light my stogie maggot its hard like my name harder than hard yes he is harder than the yes he said it was sweeter and thicker than cows but the booze had curdled the milt well hes beyond everything I declare somebody ought to put him in the budget if I only could remember the half of the things and write a book out of it the works of Master Dense yes and everyday another until wings take talks and Little Wing takes flight and Bird blows and Dizzy growls his cheeks exploding so much smoother his black shine his fingers dancing on the frets yes claws fusing joining rebuilding hard yes the walk by the clock like some kind of a big infant baby baby baby you lookin good babes chicks Harder than the rest O you got it you got yes O Lord I must stretch myself I wish he was here now... "...remember the sea the sea pacific to atlantic a world crimson sometimes like fire with hearts open and tears and the glorious sunsets and sexmob blowing the book launch pushing out the words and the notes yes and all the queer little shops of Soho and posters and dirt and subways over houses and a funky lunch in Williamsburg among the rosegardens and the old cars and taco vans and cactuses yes and The Statue of Liberty as a girl where I was hard of hearing hearing of the hard hardly hearing its so hard to hear and not help
shall I wear a red poppy and honor his touch of our hearts yes his rakish grin and his bourbon generosity and the blues but no
we must only think good thoughts yes the only thought yes the friend of all friends yes I asked him with my eyes to walk again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes did I really backflip off the Smilin Buddha stage like the Count Five recut for the punks yes our collars back then turned up past 11 Great Scot of the Snake Guitar and the SeerSucker Pony Hips yes first you move yes throw down to all the suckers hear my voice screaming perfume yes and my broken down heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes you can yes."

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