February 18, 2008

My Best Buddy Scott

My best man, buddy, partner in crime, Devil #2, Scotty Hard was hit in a cab by three mindless drunks about three in the morning early this past Saturday Feb 16.
He is in hospital now with a shattered vertebrae, broken collar bone and ribs.
The drunks fled the scene, leaving the car they were driving.
We welcome all your prayers for Scott, as he faces the biggest challenges of his life. Having gone through so much in the past two years, I know how quickly life can change or be changed in a matter of seconds. I have also seen how lives can be changed in a miraculous way over much longer periods of time. Do the miracles take longer to develop, or is our vision too inaccurate to see the subtle changes that can also begin in a matter of seconds?
Please send your visions of Scott walking and running, and dancing with his guitar.


  1. Oh, my gosh. Scott is in my prayers today. Life is full of strange things, we can't know what is coming around the corner.

  2. We are sending white light, chicken soup and prayers to the great spirit. Our thoughts are with Scotty and hope he recuperates soon. We have a shady coconut tree waiting with a cool drink if he needs some time at the beach.

    You can't keep a Good man down.

    Love and peace,

    Wil and Pat

  3. Hey, I just found your blog when I googled "T5 vertebrae"... I guess a lot of folks are trying to sift through this new reality. Scott was my first friend in New York. I visited Vancouver with him once, in 1998 I think, I don't know if I met you... Anyway, I have a picture I can send--what's your email?

    So much love for you, Scotty!