February 27, 2008

Hold Everything- Calling Dick Tracy!

Go ahead Joe. Joe Jitsu calling Dick Tracy- Come in. Operation postponed for tomorrow. On again for next Thursday- all fingers crossed. Legs crossed too at the moment. I passed on the message "Stop banging all the nurses and lay off the bourbon for a week."
BSG aka Scotty Hard aka The Mag is the ultimate friend. As I said before, quoting the beautiful Susan Fiedler, if they ever have a seminar for how to be a best friend, Scott would be giving it.
During my whirlwind weeklong pre-cardiac event tour of NYC in May, I was met at the airport by the mag, who stuffed me in a cab and drove me to a hot co-ed party at the Professor's pad. Met the Professor's Mrs., the Lovely Carrie, had some marvelous drinkskis, then grabbed a car to Blackbetty, where we closed it down for the first of many. Blah Blah Blah I know, I've told the story so many times. What I did not say was just how many people Mr Broadway Sol Goodman knows. He is Mr. Network.
Which is why so many friends are pulling for the Mag. We just happen to love him too. I find myself calling people everyday now, talking to so many old and dear friends. To paraphrase the words of the great Andy Graffitti, good friendships never die, but they sometimes go on hiatus. Or in the words of Lester B. Goodman, "Hiatus....is that what they call it when your friends don't call."
Well Hi-and-goodbye-Atus cuz the King of Kensington, the Hardest BopGun in the Hip Hop recording world, the Mega-Mag, Mr BSG needs every friend of his to call every friend they might have, take the 50/50, poll the audience, and generally, do whatever it takes, cuz we needs to raise the jake.
How much money is needed? Well, lets think about it..... US Medical bills, drugs ( and I mean the drugs you need to take, not the ones you may want to take) , lawyers, living expenses while he cannot work ( Hell, I'm not even sure he can sit up yet), rehab, wheel chairs or walking sticks,
moving expenses from his old apartment to a new accessible apartment, some kind of home care and/or ongoing medical help, lap dancers for visiting bloggers from Canada.....you get the picture.
The special needs Trust fund is being administered by the Professor, who is inscrutable and has volunteered to coordinate the payment of these many expenses, and whose wife is a lawyer, and some of his best friends in NY. This is legally administered trust fund.
Send your currencies payable to
"The Scotty Hard Trust"
c/o Professor Heesok Chang
970 Kent Ave #401
Brooklyn NY 11205
And while you're buying, don't forget to buy a round for the band.

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