February 22, 2008

Give it up for Scotty Hard!

Here is an update from Tony Maimone (ex-Pere Ubu, current friend of Scott Harding):

Surgery is scheduled for next Thursday.We saw Scotty tonight and he was animated and the same funny charming Scotty we all know and love.He had an extensive meeting with the neurosurgeons and the trauma team yesterday. They took time and showed Scott x rays and explained why it is such a long shot that he will ever walk again. Scotty is taking this like the champion he is.

He was talking about thinking last week, "something had to change"

Now tonight he is talking about being transfigured and looking forward to "getting strong and in shape and making music."Tom, Leif, and Heesok have been talking to lawyers and getting things tightened up..

We will hear more from them on Sunday.I just can't tell you how good it was to hear Scott tell the story about when he and Leif we're in college, someone asked Scott why he wasn't playing in the "stage band?" to which he replied"I can't get with those tweed jackets"

Amazing just so inspiring.

Give it up for Scotty Hard!

Please forward this to your friends who are not on this list yet.


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