February 29, 2008

Change the World in Your Sleep

Close your eyes and picture our Boy in Brooklyn.
Concentrate your breathing and your inner power
The vertebrae is fusing come together as one
it surrounds the spinal chord in defense of harm
the hard bone becomes one and the gentle nerves and
signals from the brain to the body call and response
Everybody in the house say hey
Say Scotty Hard
Say let your backbone slip together like fingers to hold
the love in place and let the fire burn from brain to toe
Rise up and feel the power pushing the bones out of the
spinal column easing the swelling and trauma and repairing the delicate message network
Scott is the Network Master
Give him the power to control his own network
We can change the world in our sleep
Just think what we can do while we are awake.
Give generously to the Scotty Hard Trust
The Scotty Hard Trust
c/o Heesok Chang
970 Kent Ave #401
Brooklyn NY 11205
Some have asked about the address and who Heesok Chang is. Heesok is one of Scott's closest friends in New York for many years, and because of the severity of the accident Scott is effectively homeless for the time being. As per Scott's wishes, Heesok has agreed to make his home the address for the Trust.
For those that wish to wire transfer funds, the Trust bank account information will be available next week as will a paypal option.

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